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The Faces of Disability – “It Won’t Happen to Me!”

That’s what these people thought, however, they had the foresight to protect themselves against  the unexpected illness or injury that renders them unable to earn a living. What would have happened to their lifestyle and financial plan had they not protected their income?

The Problem?  No income. But bills and mortgage continue!



Pediatrician, 47
Disabled by Spondylolysis

sound technician


Sound Technician, 35
Disabled by Diabetes



office manager


Office Manager, 52
Disabled by Multiple Sclerosis







Psychotherapist, 38
Disabled by Breast Cancer



computer analyst


Computer Analyst, 31
Disabled by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Think About It!

Why disability income insurance?
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How much money will be required to solve the problem if you get disabled?  Call or email us today to request a customized solution.